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I know that the title of the subject seems to be (again a noob that can't remember his password) but if it was so simple, i liked ;)
So here is my bug :
When i try to paste my password from my password manager to start the application (cobian backup 11 gravity -, it opens the window of the repository of the log files.
When i "write" my password, i have the full access to Cobian.
To be honnest, i liked to avoid to write my password, and be able to just paste it (20 chars - lower/upper case and digits is a little long)

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What  password manager are you using?
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KeePass in version 2.41
that's strange it's the bug appears only when i try to log in to the application
when the app is started and i want to "maximize it" i can paste my password correctly
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