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For the record I would like to report my findings for a new version.

  1. (Bug) One of them is backing up from a network drive. For some reason this does not work, even if you map a network drive to a drive letter.
  2. (Bug) I noticed that I was getting backup files (differential backup) even when there was nothing changed. I found out that that had to do with files of zero size. For some reason the program is not able to reset the archive bit of files of zero size.
  3. (Feature) I think that differential backup would be much more efficient if the number of differential backups is not limited to a fixed amount, but is limited to the last file size. E.g. If the last backup is bigger than 1 GB, then initiate a new full backup.

Having said that, love the program and I would like to help where I can.

I hope that James will have the time soon to help improve

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1- Are you using UNC paths? (recommended). Then the service cannot be running as LocalSystem. You need to change the account and use one account that have permissions to access the UNC path. OR, run the program as an application. This will work guaranteed, even without UNC patgs.

2- Could be... Need to check that out.

3- Thanks for the suggestion !
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1- Thanks! It now runs as a user with permissions and it works now!
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