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I have a year's worth of incremental backups; therefore, lots of empty folders.  Is there a way to consolidate the data into one complete, up-to-date backup?
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If you preform a full backup, then everything is in the full backup.

Or do you use the incremental backups as version control system?

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The backups are on another hard drive.  How do I restore them to a new hard drive?
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Have you tried to extract all the zips with option -aot?

This will auto-rename all older files, since incremental only the latest is the most important.

You can also use option -aoa: E.g.

7z x test.zip -aoa
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For incremental backups, copy everything (every backup) back in reverse order into the same destination. The history tab of the backup can give you a hint about the date of the backups. In general, incremental backups are a pain to consolidate. I prefere therefore differential backups even if they need a little more storage than incremental.
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