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Even If I install as service or as application for one user all user etc, any windows user see all task.

There is a way to install Cobian for any user but any user has their backup.


USER A: task backup user A, incremental, encrypted at logon.

USER B: task backup user B, maybe different or the same - weekly.

USER A open cobian and see only his backup and his automation not USER B tasks.

It's like  Cobian is one full installation and configuration is shared

Thank you

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Well, there is a way (a little difficult to implement but it will work). Just install the program for the CURRENT user for all the users BUT install it everytime on a different directory. For example: install in under the user A in the directory A, under B into the directory B, etc.

The program is designed to be used for one administrator only, but this way it will work as a per-user basis.

Good luck.
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