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I'm doing an incremental backup in my company on an external hard drive and it works perfectly. To increase security, it has occurred to me to use tow hard drives, Disk A for Backup from Monday to Thursday and Disk B for Backup on Friday, but this isn't work correctly. The Cobian doesn't know what is the last he copied on Disk A and what is the last he copied on Disk B. Is there a way to use two external hard drives and that the all modified files are copied since the last time Disk A or Disc B has been used? I'm also not sure if in order to use incremental I use differential it would work.

Thank you very much for your help Simon

Estoy haciendo un backup incremental en mi empresa en un dico duro externo que me funciona perfectamente. Para aumentar la seguridad, se me ha ocurrido utilizar dos disco duros el Disco A de lunes a jueves y el Disco B el viernes, pero esto no me funciona correctamente Cobian no sabe que es lo ultimo que ha copiado en el Disco A o en el Disco B. ¿Hay una manerade poder usar dos disco duros externos y que se copian todos los ficheros modificados desde la ultima vez que se ha usado el Disco A o el Disco B? Tampoco tengo claro si en ver de usar incremental, uso diferencial si funcionaria.

Muchas gracias por vuestra ayuda Simon

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You could use a differential backup instead for an incremental.

OR  if you have enough space  why not make a backup into both disks (with multiple destinations)

Podrias usar un backup diferencial en vez del incremental.

O por qué no usar un backup con destinos múltiples a los dos discos externos?
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