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Hi, thank you for a great piece of software! Trying to backup some zipped folders to a mapped drive, but it results in the following error ""The specified network name is no longer available"

Source: F:\Folder\Files.zip

Target: \\d.docs.live.net@SSL\DavWWWRoot\uniqueID\Folder\Structure

I'v found quite a few links, but they're all to the old forums & are no longer live.

Service Installed -No

Service started - No

App running -Yes

VSC Req installed - Yes

VSC Req started - Yes

App Auto Start - All users

Interface auto-start - No

Thanx & Regards



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This seems to be a WebDAV drive. I really don't know if the files on such a drive can be manipulated directly by Windows. I gess not, seeing your results.
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