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I run Gravity on my Win10pro laptop to back up local files to a NAS. I set up a differential backup with the following parameters:

full copy to keep: 1

make one full every: 5

differential copies to keep: 2

With this setting, except for the first full backup, all the following will be differential, so it does not make the full backup every 5. When I set differential copies to keep to 0, then it works fine, but of course I'm not able to limit the number of differential backups stored between two full. Where is my mistake? Any advice?

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That's right. That's because "Make one full" uses the history tab. Because you are only keeping one full and 2 differntial (3 backups) you will never reach 5. Set the differential copies to keep to 4.
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Hi, thank you for your answer.
So how can I do to make a full copy every 5 backups and keep max only 1 differential?
The target situation would be:
day 1 : full
day 2: differential 1
day 3: differential 2, and delete differential 1
day 4: differential 3, and delete differential 2
day 5: differential 4, and delete differential 3
day 6: full, and delete differential 4
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