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I have different computers that have Cobian Backup running on them. The problem i am getting is, that Cobian Backup doesn't send email reports after backup is done. Could it be, that the computer shuts down too fast (new systems with SSD drive) ? There is no error, and if i test the settings, the email is sent. But after backup and before computer shutdown nothing is being sent on job execution. Should i add some delay somehow somewhere ?

Settings are 100% correct, since on other PCs in the same network i have no problems. Also when i test the email settings, everything works. The email is being sent. I tried to google for sollution, but all the answers are in the old Cobian Backup forum, that is not online anymore. So if anyone knows what's wrong, please share. Thank you.

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Your theory that the computer shuts down to fast could be correct. Try adding a pause of 1 minute as a post-backup event to see if it helps.
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In case anyone else would have the same problem. I tried setting a pause after shutdown and now it works as intended. Seems that the new SSD drive machines do shutdown too fast and email is not being sent.
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