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This is the error I noticed a few days ago when I launch my backups (spanish version):

Tiempo de espera alcanzado esperando por una respuesta del solicitador de Volume Shadow Copy

Then VSC is not launched.

I don't know what's the problem. Cobian always has been working ok.

Server 2016 environment.


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Check if the VSC requester is installed and running. Opciones- Control de Servicio y AplicaciĆ³n-Servicios.

Try to restart the VSC from there. If it fails, reinstall the .NET 3.5 platform and try again.
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VSC services is installed and running. I've restarted the service and runs ok.
Error still remains.
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Try then changing the timeout for VSC service at

Opciones- Avanzado-ComunicaciĆ³n-Tiempo de espera de VSC. Increase it to, say, 600000
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