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I have setup Cobian 11 Gravity to rum “Daily” (every day at determinate hour) and it worked fine.

Now I change it to rum by “Timer” From 10:00: to 21:00:00 with timer 60 minutes (which means that it should do the fist rum at 10:00:00 and the last run at 21:00:00, right?)

The problem is that it only Starts at 10:17:00 and don’t do de 21:00:00 hours job!

The computer time is set to “internet time” and is correct!

Thank in advanced

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The timer will start at the exact time you set the timer, not at 10:00. If the event will fire from 10:00-22:00 the task will run. if it will be fire outside that interval, it won't. Bust as I said, the start time is the time when you set "create" or "update" the task. This is one of the things I would like to fix in future versions.
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