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Can somebody explain to me why the settings below leads to:
1 - All backups are namen "differential", never "full" (although there is a full backup made, according to the filesize).
2 - Backups are never cleaned up according to settings, but are kept indefinitly.

I must do something wrong but I don't understand what...



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Interesting. Do you have the option "First backup always full"  checked on Options-.Engine?
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Hi Cobian, thanks for your response. I have checked it and yes, the option "First backup always full" is enabled in the options.
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Any other suggestions perhaps?
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It's interesting because the first (parked) backup should  be a full one and not a differential. I recommend resetting the history (Clear the history tab). You don't need to delete the actual backup files if you don't want. See then if the first backup will be done fully (and parked).
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Thanks for your input Cobian. I have cleared all the backups from the history tab now. Let's see if it makes any difference.
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Please also be informed, that well the backup of the 16th of februari is called "differential" in the history tab in Cobian, the folder (that is created by Cobian) on the FTP target is named "files 2019-02-16 02;00;16 (Full)".
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