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thumbs up for the good work on cobian sofar.

however i am having issues with using cobian backup in a network/domain  environment that requires users to change their password after monthly expiration.

how do i make a change of logon password synch with the cobian logon password?

or what is the best way to workaround this without changing the cobian logon details everytime.

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I am in the same situation as you (a domain that forces a password change quite often). I solved this problem by having a dedicated account  called domainBU with quite hight privileges that is only used as the backup user. This account is excluded from the normal password policy. But I am also the administrator of the domain so this was quite easy to fix.

If you are not the administrator and have no way to convince the right persons to create such a user for you then this can be a pain. Perhaps running the program as an application should be the better way then?

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I agree with corbian. I have a private domain in a home office. Have 2 DNS servers. I run all my backups as administrator, but have a Domain Backup user where the account is setup with a password that does not get changed and just have privileges on certain folders and computers in the network.
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