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I use Cobian for a long time and really happy of this !

I installed it on a new computer (cobian 11 Gravity) on a W7 Professionnal + SP1

I create a task, wich run 100% manually and also with Scheduler daily..

My problem is that 2 or 3 times a week, the list of tasks disappear, and so NO backup is created.. I have to import again the task list (.lst file).  

Did someone have an idea, why the task list is completly erase regulary from Cobian ?

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No idea. Should not be happening unless some other external program is deleting the file OR changing the permissions of the list folder. Try repairing the permissions "Tools-Reset permissions".
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Thank's a lot for help...  This week that's not happened... since I reset permissions... let's see 1 or 2 weeks more... if still ok in 15 days, I'll confirm the solution ! that's on good way... tnx...
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