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First, Is there a separate log file for the task? If so, is there a way to direct the log file to a different folder?

Secondly, is there a method of redirecting the log files to another folder that the "program files" folder?
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Actualy, you can change the directory where your logs are stored (Tools- Vital folders). A little bit untested but it should work. Just be sure that the new directory has the right writing permissions.
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When I changed to a different location, all log files were 'moved' to the new location. I will let you  you when the backup runs at 1515 today. Note, the backups are being run as Domain Admin which is in the administrator group and the administrator group has permissions on the shared folder.
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Let me know if it works!
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The logging is working correctly. You can check this one off the list of untested. I
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