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I have a bunch of files/folders that I backed up manually, i.e., by copying and pasting folders. Because they comprise many terabytes, I want to avoid doing a full backup (if possible). I'm trying to avoid full backups because they take a long time, and cause wear on my old hard drives.

Is there a way to do an incremental backup without doing a full backup first?

Ideally, I'd like the program to (1) look at the Destination folder, (2) check if there is an existing file there, (3) if so, don't copy the same file from the Source folder.

Is this possible? I tried checking and unchecking the "Use file attribute logic" option, but neither seemed to have the desired effect.

Thanks for reading through all of this!

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The way you describe it is the way it should work. But that also means that the first time you do a backup, no file will be available at the destination, so all files will be copied (full backup).

Anyway IF you don't want to make a full backup first, just uncheck Options-Engine-First backup always full.
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Ok, great. Thanks, that's useful.

As an aside, I had tried something like this earlier in an experiment, but I didn't think it worked because Windows presented the file dates as being off from what they really were. I tried again and it worked as I had hoped, once I double checked all the dates.
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