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Each time an incremental backup runs, I get an empty copy of every folder in the backup set in my backup - all of 4KB size.

Have I configured something wrong?

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Task properties-Advanced-Delete empty directories.
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Thanks for the suggestion.

I tried it, but the incremental backup is the same - when there is no change to the backup set, I just get empty directories in the backup destination.
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But with this option checked, those empty directories should be deleted.
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Yes, I understand that, but they are still there.

I'm backing up to a FTP location. Could this be affecting the backup?

The other advanced option 'Always create top parent directory' is greyed out and checked also.
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Oh sure, that doesn't work on FTPs, only locally. ;)
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I should have known!!

Anyway, thanks for a great piece of backup software - I love it!
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