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that's not happen every days, but one or two time during one or two month...

strange... the right part of the Caobian windows...(paper board or log...) suddenly change langage, and all appear in chenese charts !!! All actions and menu, stay in French (or english), just the right part is in chenise (or japanese..!! laugh)

When this happen I have to completely kill COBIAN, and start again... after, all is ok again...

anyone have an idea ?

That's not a serious bug, but if there is a way to solve this....



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Is Options- Visuals- Limit the log tab capacity checked? It should be checked to avoid this.
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yes, it was checked...  I unckeched it, and valid, and I checked it again and valid, to be sure Cobian save the parameter correctly... I will wait for to see if it's happen again or not...
Tnx for info, wait and see...  :-)   
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