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I noticed a very annoying trend on the Cobian Forum, namely the deletion of old topics. I often have problems with Cobian Backup and then when I search for it on google I get many links which title adresses the very same issue I'm having, but when I click it it tells me the topic no longer exists.

This is simply so frustrating, please stop it!

For example, I now have this problem where Cobian backup 11 Gravity keeps making full backups when the backup task is set to incremental. It should make 1 full backup every 30 days, but Cobian doesn't seem to register that backup as a full backup, for it also does a full backup every time after.

How do I fix this?

I search for a solution on google and google gives me numerous links to topics on the Coban forum. I start getting hope that my issue is known and I'll get it fixed in minutes. Then I click the link only to find out that the topic has been removed from the Cobian Forum. This is really the most frustrating thing that has happened to me in 2019 yet.

Please fix this,

Thanks in advance,


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I have changed servers. The old forum was on a Windows server with ISS. unfortunately that software cannot be run on Apache with MySql which I am using now, so I was forced to take the old forum down.
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